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Store and Forward on e-10?

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  • Store and Forward on e-10?

    Can anyone point me to an open source or free or paid implementation of a store-and-forward pattern that I can run on the e10?

    I can certainly write one, but I want to see if anyone knows of one already written for the e10.

    Briefly, I am seeking an algorithm and/or code snippet or full implementation in Python for SNAPpy that would send all data readings since previous successful transmission.

    I realize that this can get all kinds of messy and complex - I am seeking something on the simple side, that could be cleaned up on my back-end server to ensure things like at-most-once type constraints.

    We have a program that stores our input from the RF300s locally on the e10 prior to sending over an attached cellular modem. We have a number of cases where the cell modem fails to connect to the Internet at various times - so I am just seeking something simple to fill in the gaps.

    Any feedback appreciated/experiences appreciated.