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RF200P81 low LQ() - short coverage

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  • RF200P81 low LQ() - short coverage

    Started development with a 2x RF200P81 lastly. I have a functional setup that is doing closely what I needed (can read temp, and humidity. Control fan and report it to Portal). All to be happy.

    My issue: the 2 modules (one on Portal, one remote) are just, almost 20 feet apart, with a wood floor between the 2. The link quality is as low as 14%.
    No connection at all if I go outside (30 feet?).

    Tested them when much closer. 100% LQ at a couple of cm, but already just 30% at 4 feet LOS(!).

    I have check the ID70, bit x200. It is set for FCC north america.
    Set modules to max. power with the txPower() function. No change.

    I know that the RF200P81 has no external xmter and I have limited expectation (around the house coverage).
    But these distances appear to me really short and below the minimal spec for this module.

    Any thought or similar experience?